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ImageThe fund is benchmarked to the S&P CNX Nifty Index and has delivered an annualised return of 56 per cent over the last two years, as compared to 44 per cent returns by the benchmark and peer group respectively, during the same period.

An analysis of the month-on-month performance vis-a-vis the benchmark (S&P CNX Nifty) reveals the fund has beaten the benchmark 68 per cent of the times (22 out of 33 months) vis-a-vis 53 percent of the times by peers (17 out of 33 months). After the market recovery in May 2009, the fund has given an annualised return of 39 per cent vis-a-vis 28 per cent by the benchmark.

Since inception, the fund has outperformed its peers and its benchmark -- a really impressive performance.

The fund was initiated in May 2008 which was one of the challenging years of equity markets. However, those who dared to invest in this large cap equity fund must have been a happier lot. Withstanding the initial subdued response, the scheme now boost of assets of size of over Rs 1600 crore and has handsomely rewarded its investors over this period of two and a half years.

This fund can definitely be considered as part of your core mutual fund portfolio inclined towards providing a large cap flavour and committed to long term capital appreciation from investments in handpicked large cap stocks.

Do consider this 'aggressive large cap mutual fund' while evaluating various mutual funds for your portfolio and SIP your way to achieve your long term goals.