Been lucky enough to purchase a new house yet? Or fond of Interior Designing? This place might help you with these issues, Reading a few articles will certainly help you make your home sweet home a much better place to live.
Care for some easy-to-do ideas that will make your house look gorgeous?
Without spending too much moolah at that?

All you need is a little bit of imagination and a dollop of creativity. And you could have the home you always dreamed of!

The living room gives the first impression of your house and, to a great extent, your personality. It should have a warm, welcoming feel and, at the same time, be aesthetic and pleasing to the eye.

Simple Ideas for Great Homes..!

The flooring and use of colour

Many people make the cardinal mistake of ignoring the flooring of the house.

It is an extremely important component of the house and contributes to the overall look.

Wood, terracotta and ceramic tiles are good options these days.

Go for vinyl flooring for a quick, non-messy, yet great- looking, floor. Vinyl is cost-effective and comes in various colours and designs.

Some designs that look great are prints of wood, oak or pine. These look like actual wood. You won't know the difference.

It also works well as the joints aren't visible and you can have a great-looking floor in three hours flat!

Use neutral and muted colours for your seating arrangement -- ie, let your sofa be a basic colour.

Play around with the cushion-covers, mats, etc, to add colour.

Since these accessories can be changed frequently, it is more practical.

You can also change the look of your drawing room by using colours that suit the mood and the occasion.

Simple Ideas for Great Homes..!

Go for green and get cornered!
Plants add character to your room. Always. This is a thumb rule for most homes.

For the living room, stick to plants that are low in maintenance.

Spiral bamboo, for example, looks good and doesn't need a lot of attention.

Make sure all natural plants are treated and varnished before use.

There are some great-looking fake plants that are available nowadays. This is another option that can be considered.

Dress up certain corners of the room to add a new dimension.

We often ignore the corners of the room or use it to stack magazines, for example.

Add a unique lampshade, a plant, a flower vase and some figurines instead and you can create some drama in the room.

A word of caution: Use artifacts that are part of the same family -- ie made of the same material or of similar shades -- and are not too diverse from each other or you could give the impression of clutter.

Simple Ideas for Great Homes..!

Get creative with furniture
Position small furniture in the living room.

Adding small pieces of furniture, like a futon (or a sofa-cum-bed), some interesting ring chairs, a small bench or a modern Japanese screen makes the room interesting.

It also uses space effectively and gives the room a lived-in feel.