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Silence, the biggest mystery of my life.
Silent expressions, the ruthless murderers who've left me half dead.

He looked at me for the first time and smiled.
Silently, I fell in love.
He sow the seeds of friendship and nurtured the plant-silently.
He stood by me at hard times-silently.
He walked and lead the way, again-silently.
I expressed my love one day and he just walked-silently.
He kept me waiting for an answer and walked along-silently.
Then life moved on but he was always around-silently.
One day he gazed at me with eyes so intense.
He broke the silence and asked me out-finally!!
The only moment he broke his silence,
Is the one I deeply regret.
For that was the only time he ever expressed!
I built high castles of hopes silently.
NEVER did he speak in joy or pain.
He was just there or sometimes gone-silently.
I put out my feelings and expressed my pain,
Only to find him walk out forever-SILENTLY!!!