Jokes based on sweet incidents of cute and naughty kids. Check out how innocent they really are.
One Saturday morning, a teacher came up with a novel way to motivate her class. She told them that she would read a quote and the first student to correctly identify who said it would receive the rest of the day off.

She started with, "To err is nature, to rectify error is glory."

Little Suzy instantly jumped up and said, "George Washingotn."

"Congratulations," said the teacher, "you may go home."

The teacher then said, "Ask not what your country can do for you..."

Before she could finish this quote, another gal belts out, "John F. Kennedy."

"Very good," says the teacher, "you may go."

Irritated that he has missed two golden opportunities, Little Johnnie said, "I wish those girls would just shut up."

Upon overhearing this comment, the outraged teacher demanded to know who said it.

Johnnie instantly rose to his feet and said, "Bill Clinton. I`ll see you on Monday."