Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.
In her eyes I saw, an enduring silence,
She knew, I loved her...yet ignored my presense.
Was it indeed my folly or my fate,
She hates me but for her I still await!!!

Admist soft music, admist loud noise,
I hear her laughter, I hear her voice.
When I close my eyes, her face I see,
Her image is marked by the waves of the sea!!

On that beach I spent hours long,
Listening to that unheard song.
A song that is sung deep within the corner of my heart,
Of which she is the most indispensable part!!

Every moment, every second, every milli-second of my life,
Her memories strike me like a stabbing knife.
The more I wish to hate her , the more I fell in love with her,
Even though I know I will never face her in the future.

She hates me and she will sooner or later forget my very existance,
Life's like that...A matter of presence and absence.
But the more I try to forget her, the more I remember,
Those solemn eyes I first saw last December.

I may go on typing words for as long as my heart is beating,
Even now I could see her face on the screen, in front of which I am sitting.
Its better I stop typing though I know I cant stop thinking of her at all,
Already fallen in love perhaps someday fate awaits me for a bigger fall!!!