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I felt my eyes moisten as I listened, truly listened to what Justin was saying. I was crying, not because I was sad, well I was sad, but I was angry, mad, shocked. This was not him- the Justin I had known for the past two years. But, life is all about change, as people say, and I guess it was time to accept it.
I looked at my image in the mirror. Tall, thin, dressed in a short denim skirt and a black tee. Shoulder- length wavy brown hair left loose. Dimples in the cheeks as I forced a smile. I was not the world’s most beautiful woman or something. But I was not that bad. I looked at the picture on my laptop with pure hatred- Nicole. She had stolen him away from me, or hadn’t she? She was pretty, prettier than me... that’s why I had lost him to her, right?
When people had talked about breaking up with their mates, I had had the confidence of being able to think to myself that I would never ever be in this rueful situation. I had always thought that we were the ‘made- for each- other’ types... the perfect couple... like Romeo and Juliet or something. But today, Justin had opened my eyes to reality. There was no ‘meant-to-be’ nonsense, it was all mere foolery, a paradise dimwits like me constructed for themselves.
Well, now that I back-tracked on the past few months of our relationship, I should have seen it coming, rather I had seen it coming but I had blinded myself into thinking that it was mere paranoia. I was no longer the ‘girl of his dreams’ as he had once reminded me constantly in the spring of our love. Before, he had been ready to do anything for me, anything to keep me happy, and anything to see me smile. And that feeling he gave me, of being loved, of being the centre of his universe, had made me mad in his love. But it was no more the same.
Over the past few months, barely a day passed where phone calls didn’t end by one of us hanging up on the other, or with us fighting till we could stand each other no more, or my body wracking in sobs....And there lay the irony. It was always me who cried. It was always me who tried getting things sorted out. For him, everything ended as soon as I’d hung up. He would hang out with his friends, laugh, joke, be normal. And here was me, crying myself to sleep, questioning my sanity by going out with a guy who didn’t even love me. There we were- one madly in love, one fallen out of love.
He no longer talked to me for hours on the phone. He claimed that he got headaches when he was on the phone for too long and I wondered where those headaches had gone when he was first courting me. We no longer said ‘bye’ for practically half- an- hour before we finally hung up. We no longer kept reminding each other of how special and important the other was. Or maybe, I did. But Justin stopped reciprocating. His phone would either be out of battery or then he would be out with family. Suddenly, everything took priority over me. Soccer, family, studies, friends, even cousins who I had never heard of before---everything! Days passed without me getting a single call from him and I would give him a million calls- literally, wondering what had happened, what was wrong.
“Are you there?”
I brought myself back to the present.
“Hmm...” Of course I was there. Listening to him drool over that bitch who had stolen him away from me.
“Are you sure you will be okay?”
Yeah, like you would care if I was not... I felt like saying, but instead all I said was “Yep.”
“We can still be friends, you know.. Hang out and stuff..”
Yeah. Sure. Break my heart. Tear me apart. And then console me by saying that we can be friends. Very convenient.
“If you ever need me, you can call me huh. I’ll be there for you.”
Oh really? My mind screamed at him silently. You’ll be there for me? Okay then, I need you right now. I need you tell me that I’m the best girl in the world, I need you tell me that I’m the one for you, not Nicole. I need you tell me that you love me. I need you tell me how important I am for your existence. Now tell me, will you be there for me? I didn’t need him to say it. I knew the answer was no.
“Okay then, bye. Justin.” Justin. Not sweetheart. The first indication that we were not together any more. I hung up. I plugged in my earphones as the first strings played and slowly the song picked up momentum:
‘Somebody loves you, somebody needs you,
Somebody dreams about you every single night,
Somebody cares for you, without you its lonely,
Somebody hopes that someday you will see...
That somebody’s me...”
And with that, I closed my eyes as a drop of water trickled down my face. Then another. And before I knew it, tears were streaming down, refusing to stop. I wanted to cry. I wanted to let the pain engulf me, because I knew that this was the last time I would be crying for somebody, pining for somebody. I don’t think you can shatter something once its already into a million pieces, right? And my heart too was shattered. Shattered beyond repair.