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Selena Gomez - Revival Tour Photoshoot in Austin
When a celebrity releases a clothing collection, I often wonder whether they would ever actually wear the clothes they've designed. But with Selena Gomez's Revival Tour fashion collection, there's no doubt in my mind that she would. Instead of releasing newly thought-out apparel, this line will focus on the clothes Selena Gomez has worn on her current Revival Tour, Refinery29 reported. This is going to make recreating the celebrity's look a whole lot easier.

Surprisingly, the new Gomez line will be designed in collaboration with Sami Miró Vintage, an eponymous brand created by a name you may recognize. Fashion model and designer Sami Miró is Zac Efron's ex girlfriend. And as proven by this collaboration with Gomez, the sartorial mogul has a heck of a lot to offer.

Although not much is yet known about the new line — it was only announced on Jul. 30 via Gomez's Instagram — the former Disney star promises that the collection will be "coming soon." On Miró's website, however (where I imagine the joint line will be later released), similar styles to the ones featured in the Instagram post are already available — for the somewhat high price of $210. The site also promises that these are one of a kind, handmade pieces, making them worth the investment for any Selena Gomez fan, IMO.