Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.

I wrote this poem after listening to my friend drone on for hours and hours about men's incredible inability to pick up the subtle signs that she fancies him. If you've done some crazy things before now, or know of a friend who has, then this tongue in cheek story of a woman who took the ultimate step should make you laugh!

My Secret Valentine

My tongue hangs from a distance
Oh if you only knew
How many times I've fallen over
While I've been watching you.

You go about your business
So blissfully unaware
Of this hot and passionate woman
Who can only dribble and stare.

Your funny little grin
And your cocky sort of walk
The expressions on your face
And the husky way you talk.

The way you eat your fish 'n chips
Those jumpers that you wear
The way you scratch your navel
Oh God! I'm in despair!

You're really quite frustrating
'cause you just miss all the signs
The excuses I've made to talk to you
It happens all the time.

I've bought a wretched play station
In your grotty pub I wait
I've even gone to Man. United
And seen bands I really hate.

I've bought so many pints this year
Concert tickets they weren't cheap
Football matches cost a fortune
The Play Station made me weep

So what am I to do now?
I breathe a heavy sigh
I'm at a loss quite frankly
As to how to catch your eye.

Now I know you like a buxom girl
With a fuller sort of figure
And a round and cosy cleavage
So this has been my trigger.

So when I next set eyes on you
You'd better damn well see
That I've spent 4 grand on my mammary glands
Now please will you go out with me!

Copyright: Helen Bennett