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We had previously done a story on 19 scenic villages in India. And now we're back, on popular demand, as many of you wanted to see the villages that you felt were highlights of your travels in rural India.

1. Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh

A pilgrimage site for Hindus, Amarkantak is the source of the Narmada and Sone rivers. Picturesque ponds, hills, forests and waterfalls make the village a very sought after destination for tourists. The story of the ashes of Shiva's destruction fell on the village that magically transformed into thousands of shivalingas. One such idol still stands today at Jwaleshwar.

Amarkantak got its name from the Sanskrit poet Kalidasa, who called it Amrakoot due to the abundance of mango trees.

Despite several pilgrims visiting it every year, accommodation is limited to state run guest lodges and ashrams.
16 Scenic Villages In India That You Must Visit
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