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Saving Money On Your Heating And A/C System

Most people spend more to heat and cool their home than they should…and they don't even know it. Old thermostats, cheap filters, broken humidifier, lack of maintenance are but a few ways to ensure you are throwing your money out the window. By following the advice I have given below you can be sure that your heating and/or air conditioning system are running as efficient as possible. No more throwing money out the window.

Programmable thermostat

By installing a thermostat that is capable of following your schedule will save you a surprising amount of money. By automatically having your thermostat turn down a few degrees while you are at work or sleeping, and returning to normal temperature before you wake up or return home, you will be saving your money and not even knowing it.

Air Filtration

A proper low-density, high efficient electronic air cleaner is essential to your system performance. A dense electrostatic filter can cause your furnace or A/C to run twice as long in order to maintain temperature. A cheap disposable filter does not provide adequate protection of your furnace from dust and dirt. When dust and dirt accumulate on your blower, the efficiency is decreased.
NOTE: Filters should be cleaned or replaced monthly.

Proper Humidity

Maintaining proper humidity in your home plays a vital role in your comfort level. Low humidity will cause your home to feel cooler than it actually is causing you to turn up the thermostat. On the air conditioning side of things, an improperly installed humidifier will cause your air conditioner to run a lot longer than it should in order to cool your house. Air conditioning removes humidity from the house so you do not want your humidifier running with the air conditioner.


Annual maintenance goes a long way in prolonging the life of your equipment and keeping them at their peak efficiency. By having a qualified technician come in and do an annual maintenance and tune-up you will have peace of mind that your equipment is safe and running as efficient as it can. Furnaces and air conditioners should be cleaned and tuned up every year.

Replacing old equipment

Technology has come a long way in recent years. With the advent of more efficient heat exchangers, dual stage gas valves, DC operated motors and control boards the savings between a new furnace and one that is just 10 years old is hard to ignore. Your savings could be as high as 60%.

The Bottom Line

As energy prices continue to rise, not only will these upgrades save you money in the long run, but will also help improve health, comfort, environment and safety.

Author : Rahul Rungta