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Image"Last month Kajol wore a sari-inspired gown for Filmfare cover and now many youngsters are asking for the outfit. Such saris are ideal for girls who want to look glamorous with no compromise on responsibilities," he says.

Options are plenty, styles are exotic and designs are created keeping body shapes in mind.

"Mermaid cuts and plain chiffon saris are best for the pearl-shaped body. If you have broad shoulders, it is best to opt for wide necklines and short-sleeved blouses with midriff-revealing saris," says Bajaj.

If you are skinny, "choose fluffy or tissue saris with low cut blouses or corsets", suggests Bajaj and adds, "Petite girls can go for georgettes and embrace long chunky necklaces and earrings."

When it comes to those six yards, innovation has become a key word. For instance, Kiran Uttam Ghosh, known for her elegant and glamorous designs, has come up with a modern avatar for her pret line - Chiconomics.

"Today's girl wants to do a lot of mix and match and keeping this mind, I recently launched saris, which are very fluid and light weight, giving today's women the simplicity and drama of a well-cut ensemble," says Ghosh.