Here are the Jokes of your Favorite Santa and Banta. They are here on a mission to make you laugh.

Santa Singh becomes a very famous English teacher and all his students are so brilliant in English that the entire world notices and some scholars from across the world decide to come and learn his teaching techniques.Asthey are in his class he tells his class......"Bolo bachhon gadha"The students say "gadha""Bolo bachhon gadha gadha"The students say "gadha gadha""Bolo bachhon gadha gadha gadhe ke peeche main"The students say "gadha gadha gadhe ke peeche main""Bolo bachhon gadha gadha gadhe ke peeche main mere peeche sara desh"The students chorus "gadha gadha gadhe ke peeche main mere peeche sara desh"Very irritated at all this the scholars complain to the schoolprincipal about his ridiculous teaching techniques and Santa Singh is summoned by the principla who demands to know what he
is up to.To this Santa says "I was teaching them English" "Is this the way to teach English? What were you trying to gain by this" and he fires Santa left and right.Santa says "but sir,I was only teaching them the spelling of "assassination" hahahahahahahahaha!