Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.

We have been through,
so much since our friendship started.

I turned to you,
when things went bad for me.

You were there for me,
and that's what I loved.

You was the one i told,
all my secrets too.

I'm starting to realize,
nothing can ruin this bond we share.

Thank you so much for being,
the best friend that I needed.

How can I go on living,
When I see you this way,
When I see the tears in your eyes,
I want to make your pain go away.
How do I live my life,
When you feel this pain,
How can I enjoy my life,
When yours is in so much vain.
I know what its like,
To feel that same way,
I feel the same hurt,
Every single day.
Feeling hurt, isolated and angry,
All at once,
You feel trapped in a corner,
Like the punishment of a dunce.
You look for a way out,
You search and search some more,
Desperately you search for the handle,
To open any door.
When you find that door,
And open it wide,
You will slowly step out,
And never again cry.
That day will come,
When you open that door,
When it is finally open,
You will grieve no more.
On the other side of the door,
You will come to see,
The object awaiting you,
Is me.