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Two couples, one English and one Czech, went river fishing in the Northern Territory of Australia.

The men decided to go first, leaving behind their wives to set up tent, so that they can catch fish for lunch.

Shortly after they left, the wives heard blood-curdling screams, and they rushed to the river bank to see their husbands gone, but two bloated crocodiles lounging nearby.

They feared the worst, and rushed back to their campsite to call the park rangers on their mobile.

When the two rangers arrived, armed with crocodile guns, all four hurried to the river bank. This is the reported conversation.

Ranger 1: "Jeeesuz! Looks like the crocs have had a meal! There's a male croc and a female croc!"

Ranger 2: "Too bloody right! Look, shoot them both, then cut open the female first".

Ranger 1: "OK!" [He shoots both crocs, then cuts open the female]

English woman [sceaming]: :Oh God, that's my husband the female crocodile has eaten!"

Ranger 1 to Ranger 2: "Shall I cut open the other croc? "

Ranger 2: "Well, there's no hurry now, for it's clear as hell that the Czech's in the male"

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