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Hi Saurabh,
This is a great post. My job profile includes resume screening. I go through almost 10 resumes a day and would like to share my views here.

For your Post. Point No.2., sometime it happens that a company is looking for an Office Admin Executive / Manager, and they are looking for someone who has at least 5 years of relevant experience. Then the resume screener / employer will by pass resumes that are not relevant and or where the content of the resumes are prioritized, Employer understands it from the resume and the company one has worked for. Secondly, screener / employer will come across to a resume where the candidate has worked as Admin Executive level for 2 year in a company for a given job description, and then he / she worked for another company as Manager Administration for 2 year performing same job. For the position that we discussed above, this is the exact match for employer, but the resume can be simply rejected for wrong content placement. Such candidates simply copy paste his/her role OR Job Description under both the company. The ideal thing to do here is, he should bring out his expertise in Admin Role by placing broad Job profile and mention company names and tenure in bulleted points. Example.

Company : SoandSo - Jan 2001 - to Dec. 2002 ( 2 Years)
Industry: IT
Title: Executive - Administration

Company : SoandSo - Jan 2003 - to Dec. 2005 ( 2 Years)
Industry: IT
Title: Manager - Administration

Job Description:
    Assuring day to day smooth operation of the company
    Assuring Timely Repair and Maintenance of Office Assets
    Managing Travel and Accommodation of Directors and Staff
    Managing Time and Attendance of All Employees
    Assisting in Recruitment

Please share your views as well.
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