Been lucky enough to purchase a new house yet? Or fond of Interior Designing? This place might help you with these issues, Reading a few articles will certainly help you make your home sweet home a much better place to live.
ImageIt is often said that a person's home is a reflection of the person himself/ herself, which is quite true. We all love our home and want to do it up in a way that reflects our personality, our ideas and our creativity.
If you'd like to make your home your own little space, here are some easy, cost-effective ideas.

Get out those old wine glasses
Who doesn't have the odd wineglass lying around, the only survivor from a favourite set? Over the years, people tend to collect quite a few of these. If your one of those people, here are some ideas on how to use them creatively.

Some of the materials you would need to paint wineglasses are:

~ Tube of black glass relief paint
~ Acrylic paint
~ Fine paintbrushes
~ Palette (to mix the paint)
~ A pair of scissors

Wash out the glasses well and trace the motif of your choice using stencils directly on the glass. If you prefer creating your own design instead of a stencil, just draw your own motif on a sheet of paper, place the glass to be decorated on the sheet, close one eye and outline the image using the black relief paint directly on the glass. Remember, it only works with one eye closed. Try to squeeze the tube evenly so the outline is consistent (you might want to practice on paper first).

Paint the surface outside the motif any colour you like, you can even use a variety of colours. Make sure to allow each colour to dry before using the next.

Paint inside the relief area using a contrasting colour so that the design has more impact (all glass colours can be mixed to produce different colours if required). Leave to dry overnight.

When the glass is quite dry, you can even etch into the paint with a closed pair of scissors. Vary your patterns on each glass.

Use as many colours as you like while painting, you can even add on glitter or fancy beads. Place the glasses all around your room, giving it that extra colour and style you've been seeking.

If you don't feel like getting yor fingers dirty, just buy some coloured marbles and pour them into the glasses and arrange them around the room. You could even fill the glasses with coloured water.
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