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ImageWhat could give a room a more personal touch than old memories of happy times? This is where a collage of pictures does the trick.
To make a collage, you will need:

~ Picture frames
~ Photographs
~ Glue
~ A pair of scissors

Choose a good starter frame (a large posterboard) which is available at any art supplies shop, and get out your albums.

Pick your favourite memories spent with family, friends and loved ones. Cut up the photographs into different shapes, to make the collage look more creative. Once you've finished shaping the photos, it is simply a matter of sticking the photos on the frame to create the collage.

The leftover bits can be used to fill in the gaps between photos and your collage will be complete.

You can hang your collages on your walls, place them on your nightstand next to your bed or put them up in your showcase to make the room your own little collection of memories.
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