Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.
I look back and my eyes go numb;
I see my life already half done.
I ask myself what I lost; what I gained;
Will ever get a chance to live again?
Did I give or did I take?
Did I remember to forsake?
Did I cry or did I smile?
Did I forget to laugh for a while?
Did I remember to feel pain; did I rememeber to taste sorrow?
Did I hold onto the past or did I hope for tomorrow?
I remember I lived; I remember I fled;
I remember I breathed; I remember I bled.
I didn't forget to love; I remember I prayed.
I lived like a human; I remeber I craved.
Did I touch someone's life or did I get touched?
Was I tagged by and angel or was I just bluffed?
I remember I got hurt; I remember I hurt too;
I remember turning red and I remember turning blue.
Did I walk the right road or did I go astray?
Did I pull someone up or did I dig someone's grave?
Did I forget to hold the moon; did I forget to hold the stars?
I remember filling cracks; I remember carving scars.
Did forget to workout knots; did I forget to untangle myself?
Did I willingly ask for heaven or did I accidently fall in hell?
Did I choose to walk on water or did I choose to walk on knives?
Did I choose to live or did I only survive?
Did I forget to remember or did I remember to forget?
Did I give up all I wanted or did I give up all I had?
I remember I hid; I remember I survived;
But when given the choice; I knew I died.