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ImageIt's a common thing to suffer from a runny nose especially since it is the cold and flu season right now.

However, if you are one of those people who are easily prone to allergies, chances are that you might be suffering from a runny nose all twelve months of the year. Whatever may be the reason for you having a runny nose, you cannot take it lightly and must take proper precautions to combat it. Here are some remedies to help you curb that runny nose:

- Drink lots of water. It is important to keep yourself hydrated to keep the sinuses moist and less prone to infection.

- Stay in a warm environment. Being in an air-conditioned environment will aggravates your cold and runny nose, making you prone to headaches too. It will also dry and thicken the mucus present.

- You need to increase the intake of vitamin C in your body. Eat fruits that are rich in vitamin C like oranges, strawberries and other citrus fruits. Alternatively, you can take vitamin C tablets.

- Using saline nasal sprays is another option. These help to rinse and thin the mucus, and gets rid of the irritants present.

- Chewing ginger will help curb runny nose. Chew some finely sliced raw ginger, thrice a day. This is a highly effective natural home remedy.

- Blow your nose gently and avoid swallowing the mucus.

Image Source: Thinkstock photos/Getty Images