Do you always keep wondering about your Future? Do you ever think that life would have been a lot easier if you could understand your Boss, Life Partner or people around you better than now? You certainly need to go through this section in order to know all about this.
Wearing red coral on the index or ring finger of the right hand resists the malevolent influence of the 'Evil Eye'. It also provides relief to heart problems, haemorrhages and contagious infections.

When should red coral be worn
Precious gemstones for time immemorial have been believed to change lives and bring in fortune and good luck. Specific gems have exclusive characters and fetch required changes if worn in a prescribed way.

If your horoscope finds the planet Mars as your weakest planet, then red coral is the ideal gemstone to be worn. You can also wear red coral when you face one or more of the following problems both related to you mind and body.

Effects of weak Mars/Kuja/Mangal in your personal life

* Lack of energy will disable your motivation.
* Continuous obstacles in work and inability to perform well will make it difficult for you to stand up for yourself.
* You may be over cautious and easily troubled by dominating people.
* You will be inexpressive and closed about your real feelings.
* You may be overly passive, easily controlled, and may be abused even physically.

vEffects of weak Mars/Mangal/Kuja on your body [/b]

* Your immune system will be weak due to low appetite, poor food absorption. You will be low in weight with weak muscles, weak liver and small intestines. Hemorrhoids may be your major problem.
* You will be prone to frequent injuries, and healing would take a longer time.
* Men may lack sexual vitality.

Specific details of the red coral to be worn

* The colour of red coral is dark red.
* It should be at least 3 carats in size.
* It should be set in silver or in a alloy of gold and copper.
* It should be worn on the index or ring finger of the right hand.
* It should be of a good quality, without flaws and of bright red colour.

High quality red corals come from Naples, Corsica, Catatonia, Canary islands, Morocco, Algeria, Japan, Red Sea, Northern Australia, the Malaysian Archipelago.

The popular variety names of red coral are Arciscuro (also termed as Ox Blood because of its prominent dark red colour), Rosso Scuro, and Rosso. Red Coral stones are inexpensive and hence don't need substitutes, though carnelian can be used in this respect (generally as a large pendant).

Pink coral can also be used and has a more balancing and subduing effect, but has less strengthening effect on Kuja energy than the red coral.

When to wear your red coral for the first time?
To extract maximum benefits out of your gemstone you need to follow some custom before you wear it for the first time. Never wear your gemstone at the jeweler's place, which most people do out of old habits.

The best time to wear is during the first hour from sunrise, when Kuja is the strongest, on a Tuesday when Moon is waxing, preferably when Kuja is in its own sign or exalted.

Don't try experimenting with panchang or almanac to choose your day for it may not suit your horoscope as they give only a general perspective. Your astrologer can help you in deciding the period to wear your red coral.

Mantra for red corals
Any Gem is just an expensive piece of coloured stone, and wearing it without proper mantra and poojas will not serve the purpose.

Give life to your gemstone

* Wash your gem with rose water.
* Keep it immersed in milk for one hour during the first hour from sunrise starting from one Tuesday to the next Tuesday and place it again in rose water. Replicate this procedure for a week.
* On the chosen day invoke blessings of Lord Vinayaka(Ganesh) and recite 108 names of him.
* At the chosen time recite the following mantra that are associated with planet Kuja or Mars.
* Red coral also happens to be the gemstone studded on Lord Kuja's (Mars) crown.
* Imagine the planet in its form during reciting.
* One of the following mantra has to be recited 108 times.




This mantra should be recited every Tuesday during the first hour from Sunrise for 9 Tuesdays continuously . The main ruling deity for red coral is Bhoomi or Earth Goddess and the main deity is Lord Skanda, the commander in chief of the army of Devas. The Mars God who rules red coral has a goat as his vehicle. The main grain pertaining to Lord Kuja is RED DHALS hence include them in all your poojas pertaining to red coral.

It would be a welcome idea if you could perform all these rituals by a qualified purohit.

For more details and guidance please consult your astrologer.

Composition of red corals

Close examination of red coral reveals that it is made of an aggregate of red coral polyp skeletons. These polyps are minute living creatures that live in vast colonies. When they die their skeletal remains - mostly calcium carbonate - build up to form massive red coral reefs.