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The key highlights are:

§ The Finance Minister pitched a very strong bid to carry through the campaign for "Inclusive Growth" in his last budget during this term of his government. It not only made economic sense but also comfortably suited the need of the hour ahead of Parliament elections.

§ His speech focused mainly on weaker sections, agriculture, rural, women and minorities who have been bestowed with free largesse, loan write offs, further loans, financial concessions, free health and education, etc.

§ Even the rationalization of direct and indirect tax had its focus on the elections at large. The benefits were mostly for the tax payer at the bottom either on personal income tax on the service tax front.

§ There was further thrust for human development, particularly to create skilled work force with global focus.

# The main objective is "Growth with Price Stability". However, high inflation, high interest rate and high rupee Remained key concerns.

# A budget with an eye on election

# This budget will drive domestic consumption and spur growth at the bottom of the society