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Two men sitting in the bar:
1st man I have lots of family problems:

2nd I will tell you mine first:

I married to a widow with a daughter,
My father married that daughter,

So my father becomes my son in law,
my daughter becomes my mother,
my wife becomes my grandmother.

More problem occured when I had a son,
now my son is my mother's brother & my uncle ( mama) too.

Situation worsens further when my father had a Son,
Now my father's son is my brother & my grand son too:

Ultimately I have become my own grand father & grand son.


you are saying you have family problems>>>>>>>>>

[u]The moral of Story:[/u]Duniya may kitna gam hai logon kaa gam dekha to may apna gam bool gaya:

Be happy always whenever you have problem just read the above.

Never think of this joke when you are drinking or never say to friends in cocktail party.