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* Never use hot water to wash your eyes. Close your eyes and sprinkle cold water on your lids for a few minutes. Doing this every morning before sunrise will help the eyes remain healthy.

* Don't strain your eyes. Blink often. Take a break from the book or computer screen and look into the distance, taking care to blink often. If you think your eyes are getting tired, rest them for a while.

* Don't expose your eyes to bright sunlight. Take care to shield your eyes with a cap or sunglasses.

* Insufficient sleep also tells on the eye. Make sure you get your nine hours of the dreamless. It adds a sparkle to your eyes.

* Drink adequate water. Eight glasses of water a day is a must.

* Protect your eyes from air conditioners, fans and even strong winds. They all tend to dry out your eyes. This leads to other eye problems.

* Believe it or not but constipation and stress do affect eyes adversely. Make sure you move your bowels everyday and do de-stress.

* Eat carrots regularly. Greens help as well. A healthy diet is invaluable.

* Keep your eyes clean and well rested.