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The interview is the first opportunity for an agency to meet you. Therefore, you want to make a good impression. Your goal is to convince them that you are having the qualities of a good police officer.

Following are some police interview tips:

1. Preparing for the interview

Before going to the interview, make sure you have accurately completed all of the paperwork. The interviewers will be reviewing the information you have listed. It looks better if you type all of the information.

You should review the questions you believe you will be asked as well as your answers to those questions. You want to look your best and sound your best.

2. Physical fitness

Physical fitness is very important in police department, so you must pass the physical agility test to move forward in the selection process. The combination of running, push-up and sit-ups are the best way to prepare for the test.

3. Be in time

Arrive there about 15 minutes early. It shows your regard for the interviewer's time. If you have to wait, use the time to go over your notes.

4. Looking your best

The most interviewers will expect a man to wear a suit and tie, and a woman to wear a dress or a business suit to the interview. Most of the time, an interviewing panel is prohibited from disqualifying an applicant based on what he or she is wearing. You want to project a professional image. You want to show the panel that you are a confident person.

5. Be enthusiastic, but be sincere

Be confident in your capabilities and show that you are interested in joining their department.

6. Be honest

Honesty and integrity are the main qualities to becoming a police officer. If you do not already possess these qualities, do not bother applying.