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I often wonder* when a mosquito bites us why do I think of a repellent, why a coil or hit why don’t I have the courage to question my municipality?

*Why do I buy* water in a bottle? Why do I purify water at my home? Does the water bill say that the tap water is only for washing clothes or having a bath? Why don’t I get drinking water in my tap?

*Why should I pay* a toll tax on every single black, nice looking road? Why a basic road is not my right?

*Why do I buy* an inverter or dream of a generator? Why don’t I get current in my wires?

*Why do we call* the private schools as public schools. I always thought schools run by the government should be called public schools!!

*Why- the cricketer* who sold the ethics of game sits in parliaments or come as experts on channels?

*Why someone known* for beating his wife and had charges of holding drugs is a celebrity to judge dance shows and all of us watch and clap too.

*Why is it that the* so called high profile tainted journalists still run public shows and we all watch it.

*Why don’t I know* the fine on jumping red light or for not wearing a helmet but am very well aware of power of 100 rupees, the cost of duty of most of the traffic guys across the country..

*Why is a girl raped* in a roaming car in the capital of the country almost every month and all that the government says is that girls should be careful..

*Why does the trial* and judgment of social activists just takes a few weeks but Raja, Raju, Reddy roams around!!

*Why even after killing hundreds* of people on road the blue line buses remained on roads? Do you know any city apart from the capital of your country where the city
buses crushed people on a daily basis?

*Why didn’t we come on the roads* when someone made elephants of stones for thousands of crores rupees in U.P. where people still dig pits to sleep or die of hunger?

*Why a tainted, corrupt minister* is called to IIM and Academy for IAS and applauded – unstopped on his desi style?

Its so easy to call someone corrupt but have you ever thought; *The act of bribe starts by giving not by taking* it starts from me not from him or her.. so why don’t I look at myself first ?

I strongly believe that the *Logic is always for NOT doing something. Doing does not need logic,* *doers don’t believe in logics!!*

Just a couple of years back some people came and played with us, killed our pride and people. We were angry.. some people thought that the attack in Mumbai was on rich people and therefore something would change..

Nothing happened.. we all go to gateway of India on every anniversary in November, burn some wax, sing some songs and come back. Nothing changes- the government is back, Z security is back and people are back at the Gateway of India…

*It’s time to come out, stand up*...move.. do something.. Sitting in drawing rooms or discussing over a mug of beer will not solve anything.

*Please remember this country does not need thinkers any more, enough of them. What you need is action*