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Points to ponder

“To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.”

ANGER is smoke. It temporarily blind vision

Truthfulness is a window. It portrays Nature’s reality.

Concentration is a laser. The more focused its projection, the more its potency.

Jealousy is a tornado. Only after it passes through, can the damage be measured.

Paranoia is one kind of shadow. Its image may well haunt us. But its only ever a reflection of our true selves

Determination is a piece of charcoal. When it reaches maturity, it transforms into something invaluable.

Fear is a desert where nothing grows.

The Ego is a balloon. The more it is inflated, the sooner it pops.

Reflection is a clock; it keeps us informed of our progress.

Honesty is gold. Be completely honest in every area of your life. A very important piece of the great big puzzle that makes you. The purer its content, the more its worth increases in value.

May the light of wisdom shine upon all of us.