Follower of the Latest Fashion Trends? Or are you a Trendsetter yourself? We have a huge collection of images from Fashion shows of Top Designrers and photographs of Fashion Models featuring trendy accessories.
ImageWaistlines went high up, and so did the boots and the socks. There were layers and layers of laces, sequins, leather and much more. Many trends reigned this year. Though most of them were predicted by the designers already, there were some unexpected winners too. For example, the clunky wooden clogs.

Though they did not sound like a glamorous option in the beginning of the year, they had reached new heights of acceptance by the end. Footwear designer Payal Kothari feels though she doesn't really endorse them, but yet she feels that they are better than the booties. She says, "I never thought booties would become as popular as they are. But, I suppose trends repeat themselves and booties have just made a comeback. I'm sure it's fad that's short lived. Clogs or saddle shoes are usually with a wooden bottom, and so they help you balance well and keep your feet warm. Though even they are just okay, but they are definitely more fashionable than the bootie."

It's not just the footwear which sprung up many surprises in 2010. Something similar happened with jewellery too. Fashion designer Payal Singhal says, "Embroidered and big necklaces have done amazingly well in 2010. It's India after all, a land of gold lovers. Very few people could have imagined that with saris, cholis and ghaghras, big, chunky and non-gold jewellery would do well. Even we have started designing matching jewellery with our designs." Accessory designer Malini Aggarwalla says that kitsch footwear and handbag collection went through many re-runs. That came as a surprise to her. "I expected them to do well, but not as well as they did. Continuing, she says, "Wedges, huge platforms, brocades, gotta and very ethnic prints on shoes too came as a big surprise this year."

Fashion designer Anita Dongre feels that the dresses were the biggest fashion hits this season. But the one success story that surprised her was the floor-length gown. She concludes, "These gowns made news this year again, and it came as a big surprise for me."

Image Source: BCCL