In case you are a frequent traveler and like vacationing with your family or friends, you sure are supposed to know about the place you are about to travel. Here is a collection of articles which will help you find helpful information like modes of travel, best season to visit, etc about these places.
India is full of potholed roads, we admit. But then the thrill of taking a road-trip in the country and exploring the scenic beauty of India by road is unparalleled. What if we told you some of the cities in India are best viewed on a two-wheeler? Feeling the wind whistle past your helmet, the thrill of snaking through narrow lanes and twisty roads, zooming past trucks and cars...?

Some thrills of a two-wheeler can only be felt, not described. And when you combine a love for travel and a set of two wheels, the world is your oyster! But which cities can you explore on your favourite set of wheels? Read on to know!

1. South Mumbai, Mumbai

The never-ending expanse of sea, amazing Victorian architecture and open roads... South Mumbai is one of the best places within the city to explore on a two-wheeler. What's more, there are tons of eateries to stop by and hog at. Make sure you ride along Fort, and take in all the British architecture. Or if you're tired of riding, just stop your scooter by the sea, stop, breathe in the fresh sea air and take off again!

12 Places In India To Explore On Two Wheels