As the name suggests, this section is for Girls and only for girls. Boys Strictly prohibited. For girls, they can talk or do almost anything they want, from gossiping to criticizing, from jewellery to clothes. They have a wide range of Topics to talk about.

You don't need to be Don Juan to be a hit in picking up women. Hitting on the right girl is not about being the best looking dude or being smarter or having deeper pockets.

The two traits that that work in a guy's favour are confidence and persistence. So, if you are lacking in the confidence department, follow our seven pickup rules that women want men to know. Mastering these will give you an edge on the competition.

1. Look into her eyes
This one is a sure shot way of analysing whether your approach will be reciprocated? Make preliminary eye contact from a distance and observe how well your object of affection responds. If she meets your gaze or smiles at you, head towards her and talk to her. If she avoids your look, your chances are doubtful. A woman gives away a lot about her mind through her body language, so learn to pay attention. Most importantly, don't forget to do your "research." Survey the area and you'll notice which women are looking to meet someone. Making and receiving her eye contact is one pick up lesson that women want men to understand.

2. Don't hit on more than one gal in the same circle
Okay, we know you are excited and super charged. But hitting on more than one woman in the same social circle is a big turn off for any gal. She will assume you are a flirty player and by hitting on her friends along with her, you'll never make her feel special. So even if you maybe attracted to more than one woman in the group, pick just one special lady and stand by your decision.

3. Make her feel she's the sexiest babe you've ever laid eyes on
Women often go for a man who makes her feel that she's the best thing to have happened to him. So, if you make her feel like the most beautiful girl in the room, it's likely your lady love will be craving your company again. However keep your praises to a bare minimum if she appears to have a super ego already, as you don't need to over-inflate it.

4. Don't be intimidated by a good looker
Don't avoid approaching her in the beginning and praising later because you think you're not the first to do so. You may feel you stand to loose if you walk up to that lovely lady standing in the corner. You possibly feel that the object of your interest has had myriad admirers. Often, the prettiest girls are so turned off by sleazy admirers that they are just waiting for genuine guys. Don't feel intimidated or assume she's heard all the praises before. Speak from your heart and initiate a pleasant, sincere conversation. She'll love it!

5. Ditch the clichéd pickup lingo
"Haven't we met before?" Using such cliché lines will either make you look like you're a big despo or it will make you seem inexperienced with women (which are worse). Try sincerity instead. Cut through the formalities and you're likely to make a lasting impression than the dudes who use oft repeated lines with women.

6. Don't just hit on women in bars and nightclubs - be innovative
Usually men feel that the best place to hit on a gorgeous diva is a bar or a nightclub. But you need to understand that because a woman is habituated to being approached by men in such places, she'll have her guard up. This probably means that she may reject you simply because you approached her soon after an annoying guy or maybe because you were the last guy in a long line of men dying to talk to her. In nightclubs, women are expecting to be picked up, so they tend to form a defensive wall against unwanted men. It will obviously work against you. Try approaching a girl in a mall or a coffee shop - places that she's not expecting to get picked up and thus maybe pleasantly surprised by your gesture.

7. Know when to walk away
There is nothing worse than a clingy dude who just doesn't get the message. Understanding her body language is not only crucial to decipher when she's interested, but also to determine when to walk away. For example, is she giving you eye contact or are her eyes going all over the room? Is she bored by your conversation? If she seems uninterested, be a man and walk away!