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Petrol fever: A real eye opener
Following is the article from well known Newspaper.

Find the detail break-up of the Final price of petrol available at fuel pumps.

This is a break up considering crude oil at 130 $ per barrel.
Following details are for per liter petrol in Rs.
Basic Price = 21.93
Excise duty = 14.35
Education Tax = 00.43
Dealer commission = 01.05
VAT = 05.50
Crude Oil Custom duty = 01.10
Petrol Custom = 01.54
Transportation Charge = 06.00
Total price = Rs 51.90
So for a Rs 22 liter petrol at pumps we people pay Rs 28 tax extra.
Govt. is thinking to impose more price hike to curtain with the current crude oil bubble in International oil crisis.

If Central Govt. wish, it can still reduce the price of petrol in the current crisis situation, but it doesn't intend to do so, instead trying to fool the people and Nation.

The Congress party has ruled for the most of the years of independent India...

Think if they have been kind to the common man the nation would have been richer......