Do you always keep wondering about your Future? Do you ever think that life would have been a lot easier if you could understand your Boss, Life Partner or people around you better than now? You certainly need to go through this section in order to know all about this.
As an emblem of purity, innocence and peace pearl is thought to be sacred to the Moon. It possesses tremendous medical value and cures vomiting of blood, jaundice and diseases of the heart.

When should pearl be worn
The pearl should be worn when your horoscope calculates your weakest planet as the Chandra/Moon. This gemstone can also be worn if you encounter one or more of the following problems.

Effects of weak Moon on your personal life

* As Chandra / Moon rules the mind, your will be mentally weak and exceedingly emotional.
* You will be a prey of uncontrollable anger and worries.
* You will feel uncomfortable in mingling with people, and you are worst at maintaining friendship.
* Nothing can provide you self-contentment.
* You may be very bad at handling stress.
* Depression and pessimism will haunt you.

Effects of the weak Moon on your body

* Low energy level of your friend, the Moon, will lead to anaemia due to lack of essential fluids and constant dehydration. You would never put on weight and always look weak and sick. You may confront problems relating to organs like skin, lungs and kidneys.

Specific details of the pearl to be worn

* The colour of pearl should be dull white with visible rainbow hues.
* It should be minimum of 2 carats in size for natural pearls.
* It should be minimum of 3 carats in size for cultured pearls.
* It should be set in silver and worn on the ring finger of the left hand.
* It should be of good quality, without flaws.
* Stirring them lightly in potato flour will remove surface faults ensued due to perspiration and keep them clean.

The word pearl is derived from Pila, which means ball. Pearl lacks hardness and contains 2% water so keeping them in a warmer place like radiators and heaters may cause them to dry out and develop hairline cracks and fissures and can lose their luster completely. Pearls are cultured from freshwater mussels.

Wearing your pearl for the first time
The first time you wear your gem holds utmost significance in bringing expected results from them. You will have to decide on an auspicious day to wear your expensive and beautiful gem. Do not select the day randomly but consult an astrologer before you take your own decisions. Never try wearing your gemstone at the jeweler's place.

In your case Monday is the perfect day to start wearing your gem. See to it that the chosen day falls in one of the days of waxing Moon. Start your pooja during the first hour sunrise, particularly when the Moon/Chandra is the strongest in good angles with Guru.

Please do not choose a day by referring to a panchang or almanac alone as it gives only general information that may not match your horoscope much.

Mantra for pearls
Without performing proper poojas and reciting suitable mantra your expensive gem can never yield the desired benefits and will just add to your pricey collection.

* First wash your gem in rose water.
* Keep it immersed in milk for one hour during the first hour from sunrise starting from one Monday to the next Monday.
* Then keep it in rose water until the chosen date.

On the selected day start off by invoking the blessings of Lord Vinayaka (Ganesh) and reciting his 108 names. After the first step recite the following mantra, which are associated with the planet Chandra or Moon.

Your recital will infuse energy vibes in your gem, which is also believed to be placed on the crown of Lord Chandra.

While reciting the mantra picturise Moon shining gloriously in the night sky.

Recite one of the following mantra 108 times.



This mantra should be recited every Monday during the first hour from sunrise for 9 continuous Mondays. The main ruling-deity for pearl is Apas or Water Goddess, and the God presiding over it is Goddess Parvati the consort of Lord Shiva.

The Moon God is clothed in white with a lotus in his hand and a pearl crest jewel on his head. Its vehicle is a deer. The main grain pertaining to Lord Moon or Chandra is White Rice. So include white rice in your poojas. It would be a good idea if you could bring home a qualified purohit to do the necessary pooja as you might fine all these practices tedious and arduous.

Composition of Pearl
Composed mainly of calcium carbonate in the form of the mineral aragonite (86 per cent), cemented together with a different form of calcium carbonate called conchiolin (12 per cent) and about 2 per cent of water, pearls are built up in concentric layers - rather like an onion.