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 unreadable eyes looks like one needle from sea

  I had no feelings toeat if let me guess

  little boring with little charming

  Even though youare not romantic aslo lagging mind

  Also not carefull enough

  but I felt antinomy that I like your foolish

  It is not special if the smile is not from yours

  It is still sunchine if you comfort me even though full of tears

  It is too far even though we close so near if without embrace ...

  I only had feelings toyou in the whole world

  I will behavior myself if you glare at me even though I played crazily

  It is always safe if you hold my hand even though the street is far and wide

  I will be very listening to you with kind heart without any cheating

  I only have feeling to you

  Sometimes cry but so softly ,Sometimes naughty but kindly

  Sometimes naive sometimes wicked

  I want to hard to you but i can not do it

  Pls balance your brain to absorb nutrient

  I want you but your reaction so slowly

  How come i admit i only want you ?

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