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NOT LONG ago, personal training was only talked about in reference to celebrities. While Tracy Anderson popularised the "ageless, lean, mean" celebrity aesthetic with Madonna, Bob Greene became a household name thanks to his popular diet and weight loss programmes for Oprah Winfrey.

Closer home, Rujuta Diwekar catapulted to fame after giving Kareena Kapoor a size-zero figure, while Satyajit Chaurasia became a celebrity in his own right for sculpting the bodies of Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan and Rani Mukherjee. Thankfully, personal training is moving out of the celebrity fiefdom and catching up among people who either don't have time to hit the gym or are unable to reach their fitness goals without the undivided attention of a trainer.


EXPERTS predict the global personal fitness industry would be worth billion dollars by next year. "The trend of getting a personal trainer at home has grown in India in the last five years with increasing spending power of urban middle class and better focus on health. Having somebody train you at the time of your choice in the comfort of your home makes the fad all the more tempting," says Gurnit Singh Dua, a master trainer who is also running a group of personal trainers.

Currently, more women than men are seeking assistance of personal trainers. "Most of my clients are women especially those who want to lose weight post preg- KUSHAGRA Nagrath feels his life has changed for better after getting a personal trainer. Being into hotel business means he was eating out most of the time, worked till late night and had no time for exercise. "I have always been a sportsperson but the pressures of professional and personal life made me put on weight and though I joined a popular high end gym, it seemed to be a wastage of time," the 36-year-old recalls.

"My workout was lopsided concentrating on bulking up rather than building stamina which the gym trainer failed to point out," he adds. Not surprisingly, such an approach did not help raise his fitness level. A personal trainer told him how his lifestyle required better endurance than big muscles to deal with challenges of daily life. "Since the big machines are not there, the temptation to bulk up is gone. I have lost 16 kg and have good muscle tone. My immunity is far better and despite late night shifts, I wake up fresh every morning. The habit of smoking is also down substantially and I am coaching my son's football team on a part time basis," he quips.

'My workout synchronises with my lifestyle' nancy," Dua adds. A personal trainer may cost you anywhere between `500 to 1500 per hour depending upon his experience and your requirements. "If a person is suffering from a medical issue like post-surgery recovery or arthritis, the cost may go up," says Reebok master trainer Nisha Varma, who has several high-profile clients in her kitty.