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IF YOU tend to slack off on your workouts, especially when it gets strenuous, a trainer can be a blessing. He can motivate you to deal with those selfimposed limits, encouraging you to lift heavier, go longer and challenge yourself more than you would on your own.

Somebody telling you to do just one more rep is always helpful. Twenty seven-yearold Parul Sharma Sareen was unable to lose weight mainly because she was too drained out after returning from office to make it to the gym. She tried different workouts starting from weight training to power yoga, but nothing helped her get rid of the stubborn fat.

Sareen realised that having a trainer visit her at a time of her choice can be the right solution. "I feel much more enthusiastic to exercise now. Also personal attention is always good as my trainer made me realise that because I have a pear shaped body, I tend to put on weight on my hips, thighs and around the waist. We included lots of exercises focusing on these body parts which helped me lose 10 kg in three months. In addition, he recommended some dietary changes taking into account that I also need to party occasionally. These were much easier to follow than the instructions of my gym trainer who had imposed a blanket ban on outside food," Sareen says.

This is the reason why most people go for personal trainers since they know you in and out. "A good personal trainer always goes for a physical evaluation before charting out the exercise schedule. A full medical history of the client, his body structure, metabolic rate, lifestyle requirements, history of allergies, habits of drinking or smoking and pain threshold levels are taken care of," says Dua. Though your personal trainer cannot be a nutritionist, he can suggest some basic dietary changes to ensure good results.


IF YOU are dealing with specific issues like arthritis, heart disease and injuries, you can gain a great deal by hiring services of an experienced trainer. They will work in coordination with your doctor and devise a customised exercise programme to heal injuries and avoid any further problems. Varma has many such clients. "I devise the workout depending on a patient's requirements.

For instance, somebody suffering from arthritis would benefit from exercising in water while strenuous training is not recommended to heart patients," Varma says.

Yoga trainer Dinesh Dagar also helps people deal with their illnesses through customised routine. "People generally enroll in a yoga class seeking non-medical treatment for their diseases. However, being in a group, they have to do the routine sequence of postures like everybody else rather than concentrating on those which are more helpful for them. Lack of improvement demotivates the person whereas just a bit of personal attention could have made substantial difference," he says.