Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.
I played my games with all the guys
I thought I liked them but they were all lies
All my challenges were getting old
They werent what I wanted is what I was told
So I waited for love to come my way
But nothing seemed to come, nothing seemed to stay
All I could say to love was so long until you, you came along
At first there was nothing, not even a glance
You werent the one that ever had a chance
But then something seemed to happen without even knowing
I started having feelings and they started showing
I cant believe I fell for you
No one would ever believe that it were true
While I dreamt all night through
All I could think about was my love for you
So I decided to tell you how I feel
Even though your answer might kill
As I began to tell you all my fears
I couldnt help but strain some tears
But then you showed me itll be alright
That you will comfort me until the timing was right
I began to tell you quickly without any halt
How I truly feel and how its so very real
I cant believe I showed you the one part of my heart I hid
Knowing most people thought of me as only a kid
As I waited for your answer without much hope
All I could think of was you saying nope
As you spoke with words so intense
You told me you loved having me in your presence
Then you said that it could happen,
Its possible if we just give it time
And sooner or later Ill have you as mine
In that moment all my dreams came true
And it could have never happened if it werent for you
Without another word, a smile you shared
And with that let me know you cared
So I just wanted to say, if I may
That I will love you until my dying day!