Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.
To listen to your life, by your side I would always stay.
Unsaid love was there someway.
Time never gave my heart chance to express this love, which it longed to say.
Then you suddenly left one day.
Holding my feelings for you;
In dilemma no more I could stay.

I started for a place unaware.
Even thou weather was gloom and stormy everywhere.
To slumber and eat too, I didn't care.
Drenched and shivering I was almost bare.
There was doubt and fear.
But taking this risk of my life, felt fair;
As I knew we'll meet forever there.
In Confessing my love to you, no other joy would compare.

I waited at my life's most crucial junction,
For you to come and clench me with exaltation,

To read love for you in my eyes, no interest you could pay?
Again my heart I couldn't say.
My presence and efforts to reach you, meant nothing to you, anyway?
Abandoning me in an alien place;
Where with you I came to stay.
You went your way.

To wither, you left all our ties…
As the holocaust lightening struck the skies,
Just in moment's time;
My battered soul answered all my why's?"
Thru out lifetime to unravel them I was giving futile tries.

You are still a confused state of mind.
I'll always stay displeased;
If with you my heart I'll bind.
This relation is all vain;
Where I'll always be comprehending your mind.
And to my emotions you'll always stay blind.

You are being good to me, came to see me;
Just for the sake of formality.
In return of all sacrifices and care I have given thee.
Don't know what ever the reason might be?
But surely;
From you, all understanding and love for me,
Just vanished abruptly.

As a departed soul, never returns to the body.
So shall I never come back to thee.

A relation can never be one way.
May be you'll understand me one day.
But till then this heart which loved you solely,
Will fade away.
With you part of me shall always stay;
May be its best to leave some relations unsaid, someway.