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I may not find a good
reason to ask you,
to stay,
But you are The guy
that makes my heart,
beat faster
how can i express
myself to you,
How seldom i try,
but you still think
me untrue,

How can i change,to
make you believe
"i change",
you still don't know
what have you done,
you still don't know
what have you begun,
there is no-way,
that i have mis-understood your eyes,

your eyes are the only thing
that are close to me, enough,
but i still can't get
close enough,
i still don't believe that
you don't love me,
Either it is your eyes or
your innocence,
that makes me go crazy,

Either you, yourself don't know
that you are in love,
Or is it so,
that you love me, just
there is a "But",
Believe me,
just tell me,
i will be the one,
closer to you than anyone else,

My nights are now cold and rimy,
waiting for you; to reminisce
so that we can start again,
just waiting for you

Why is it so, that i still hold
that feeling true??..