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Women Wonder...
* Why men think women are bad drivers, even though they have been presented with evidence to the contrary, time and again.

* Why the best perfumes for women inevitably carry a man's name - be it Yves, Ralph or Hugo.

* Why everyday cooking continues to be a woman thing... even if he's a five-star chef!

* Why men still stop and stare at a woman reading a financial paper.

* Why our 'Main Man' strenuously objects to our wearing clothes that bare (the tiniest bit of) our flesh, while drooling over precisely the same clothes worn by other women.

* Why men like Steven Seagal. Or Wesley Snipes.

* Why men never listen to a woman properly. Despite a gazillion books written on this very subject.

* Why men need to be Freemasons. Is it really all that different from Enid Blyton's Secret Seven club?

* Why men can get by in virtually any button-down shirt and Dockers while women need to power dress. And power dress unobtrusively, elegantly and classically, at that.

* Why men wage war. Really, surely there are other, less harmful ways to flex one's muscle?

Men Wonder...

* Why women need to talk things over so much and so many times!

* Why match-fixing talk leaves women cold beyond a point.

* Why they think stripes and checks don't go well together. No male seeing this adventurous combination has winced or shielded his eyes. So, what is it with women?

* Why they drool over unkempt twerps like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Is a few days' stubble and creased cargo pants all it takes to have women swooning?

* Why they insist on commitment in the form of a wedding band, just when things are going swimmingly. Real spoilsports, they can be.

* Why women think disguising their femininity makes them more effective. The moment a woman walks into a room, she affects all the men present in one way or another. That's a fact.

* Why women think that coming on strong with a man is a less-than-excellent idea. I mean, do you ever hear men using terms like 'fast or loose' when talking of a woman?

* Why women loathe Eminem.

* Why women need to stop and ask for directions at every bend in a strange road rather than trying to find their way themselves. And if one gets lost, well, all too often, it's because the little woman in the pass-enger seat cannot read maps properly.

* How women always smell so dashed good.

Men And Women Agree About... * The power and beauty of a Harley Davidson motorbike.

* The experience of listening to your favourite performer live in concert.

* The fact that stilettos are the sexiest thing on two heels!

* That any shade of pink, is not every man's colour, unless he is Milind Soman or Arjun Rampal.

* That the search for Ms or Mr Right can be great fun.

* That love is a many splendoured thing!
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