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ImageRupert Murdoch

"I'm a catalyst for change...You can't be an outsider and be successful over 30 years without leaving a certain amount of scar tissue around the place." Rupert Murdoch

If it's media, it is Murdoch. Global media baron Rupert Murdoch chairman and managing director of News Corporation is among the top business titans in the world.

Time magazine says Rupert Murdoch, at 77, is 'what he has long dreamt of being: the world's most influential newspaper publisher'.

Starting with newspapers, magazines and television stations in Australia, Murdoch expanded News Corp into the UK, US and Asian media markets.

He owns the tabloid, the Sun, in the UK and the New York Post and Fox News Network in US. News Corp is today one of the largest media groups in the world.

He studied at the Oxford University and started his his career at the Daily Express newspaper before taking over his father's Sir Keith Murdoch newspaper in Australia called The Adelaide News.

Murdoch acquired some of the most popular newspapers in Australia, the United Kingdom and the US. His latest acquisition of Dow Jones, adds the Wall Street Journal to an already expanding newspaper collection of Murdoch.