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ImageSteve Ballmer

"Great companies in the way they work, start with great leaders." Steve Ballmer

The man who rules Microsoft is known for his leadership and passion. Often referred to as 'Microsoft's warrior', Ballmer has been very vociferous about smoking out competitors especially Google. The failed acquisition bid of rival Yahoo! may have dampened Ballmer's plans but he is not the one to give up easily.

Ballmer's energetic and aggressive leadership, vision and hard work over the years have ensured Microsoft's dominance in the software world. Steven A Ballmer was the first business manager hired by Bill Gates in 1980.

During the last two decades, Ballmer has headed several Microsoft divisions. He was appointed as the CEO in January 2000, taking over the full management responsibility for the company.

Ballmer's mission is to retain Microsoft's leadership across markets. He graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor's degree in mathematics and economics. While in college, Ballmer managed the football team, worked on the Harvard Crimson newspaper as well as the university literary magazine.

According to the Forbes 2008 richest people list, Ballmer is ranked as the 43rd richest person in the world, with an estimated wealth of $15 billion.