Get in here to get the Interview Tips of Various Companies. Or see how to improve performances related to your job.
Many give a hell lot of tips to be followed or remembered to come out wit flyin colors in an interview.They all are or may be worth.But above all there is a single tip or point that decides whether u r in or out.Its just simple,follow this tip.

1.Be CONFIDENT....Tell your mind that ters no one more suitable for the post ur trying to achieve and u know much more than the interviewing panel.Tell your mind that ters no one to defeat u.

If u try to do this,i bet ur words,deeds actions everything wil change automatically ,and u wil perform well and u wil b in.I am sure.I quote words of the Indian Politician,strategist and writer Chanakya here,'Even if a snake is not poisonous, It should pretend to be venomous'..

Believe me,tis is te greatest tip on earth....