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Crossing over a bridge has both symbolic and practical meanings. That's why it should come as no surprise that bridges are often at the center of paranormal legends. Bridges large and small across the country come with sinister tales of violence, tragedy, and fear. Here are 13 of the spookiest bridges, including one that might surprise you.

The Bunnyman Bridge, Virginia
13 Most Haunted Bridges In The Country
Flickr / kennethreitz

The Bunnyman is a figure of urban legend in Fairfax County, Virginia. He's said to hang out around the Colchester Overpass. Two incidents have formed the legend, both occurring in 1970. A couple in a car were seen being accosted by a man in a white bunny costume smashing their car window, screaming about trespassing. Also, a security guard once approached a man standing on the porch of one of the unfinished homes on the site. The man was wearing a bunny costume and holding a long-handled axe, and he began chopping at the porch while complaining about trespassers. Nothing further was ever discovered about these incidents, which are creepy enough on their own.

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