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Danville Bridge, Indiana
13 Most Haunted Bridges In The Country
Wikimedia Commons / Desoui

This picturesque stream in central Indiana doesn't seem like the place for a tale of grisly death and haunting, but it is. A railroad bridge between Danville and Avon is home to two legends. One tells of a construction worker who fell into wet cement and slowly drowned in it while his fellow workers watched helplessly. The railroad company refused to spend the time or money recovering the body, so they left him in there, encased in the cement. Another legend tells of a woman carrying her baby across the bridge who had nowhere to duck into when a train began to bear down on her. In desperation, she jumped. She survived the fall, but the baby did not. At night, you can also apparently hear their screams, and some people have reported seeing a woman in white, down in the water searching for something.