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Tirupati Balaji - A Huge Fan of Curd Rice

The kitchen / hall at Tirupati is very big and spacious. And a variety of items are prepared daily on massive scale.

Morning Bath of Bhagwan Tirupati Balaji
The temple authorities buy a mud pot daily in which curd rice is offered to the Lord. Except curd rice, no other cooked or prepared food items would ever cross the Kulasekaran Steps (the name of the steps at the entrance of the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Balaji) and enter the sanctum sanctorum. No other type of expensive vessels made of rare metals or stones would be permitted into the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Balaji, or even cross the Kulasekaran Steps. It is deemed to be a big blessing indeed if any devotee gets the used mud pot and any remnants/left over of the curd rice offered to Lord Balaji.