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A Special Worship on Fridays

On all Fridays in the early morning, a special worship is performed before the commencement of Abhishegam. One sloka in Tamil beginning with the words "Venkatam Yenap petra and a Thaniyan individual compilation) are sung in the Vadakalai Sampradhyam, one of the Vaishnava Sects.

Morning Bath of Bhagwan Tirupati Balaji
During this special worship the Idol is without any dress or flower decorations. Camphor is lighted and shown to the Lord as Arathi. Then the worship in the Thenkalai Sampradhayam is performed. Then Neivedhyam is offered to the Lord. Once again a karpoora arathi is performed. The idol of Lord Balaji at that time would be shining beautifully and is a treat to the eyes.

The flower garland worn by the idol of female devotee known as Sri Aandaal at Srivilliputhur temple of Tamil Nadu is brought daily to the Hills and offered to Lord Balaji.