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Tirupati Balaji - A Sacred Tank for Abhishegam water

The worship of Lord Balaji is done as Mother Goddess (Ambal) for 4 days, as Lord Maha Vishnu for 2 days and as Lord Siva for one day in a week.

Morning Bath of Bhagwan Tirupati Balaji
The Abhishegam water / liquids are let out through a pipe into the nearby sacred tank of the Temple called Pushkarani. Hence the water in the tank is also considered to be sacred (Even otherwise all temple tanks are considered as sacred waters capable of removing one’s sins on taking a dip) After taking bath in the temple tank the devotees offer Arghyams - lift the water in the palms keeping both hands as a pouch to the Lord but the water is allowed to be let into the tank itself. This is also considered to be one type of worship.