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Tirupati Balaji - A Hunter without Weapons

Normally most Hindu God's Idols are in Sathvik and Shanthi postures (in a calm and quiet posture) and would be depicted with at least one weapon in one of the hands. But in the case Lord Balaji no weapon is held by him in his hands. He is a nirayudhapani (with no weapons in hands). That’s why in ancient Tamil literature he was described as Verungai Vedan, a hunter without any weapons in hands.

Morning Bath of Bhagwan Tirupati Balaji
The inner garments (Ul-Pavadai) of Lord Balaji’s consort Goddess Alarmelumanga, are made of cotton at a place called Kathwaal. The weavers of this garment belong to the Chenchu Tribes and they prepare it with utmost devotion. Since this inner garment touches the body of the Goddess, the weavers take bath thrice daily during the preparation of this dress. They also do not touch liquor or any non-vegetarian foods during this period.

The items for Friday Abhishegam are got prepared on Thursday nights at the Parimala Room. Saffron is also added to the mixture for Abhishegam. Devotees from abroad continue to dispatch various fragrant items to the Lord. Roughly materials worth about Rs. 50,000 are sent every week.