Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.
It rained the last evening
And its midnight now
Before the wings of sleep
Come and cover me
I am left pondering.

As i peep out of my
bedsie window
Down on the Adjoining road
I see
Puddles of rain water
There in them
I see
Ten Moons
Yes, Ten different moons.

With utter confusion
When I look
In to the starlit midnight sky
I see
Just a single moon

Then why
When I look below
I see ten moons?

I stay awake
For few more hours
Thinking.. and ofcourse disturbed

The ten moons
Stare blankly at me and
Laugh silently...

As few more hours
Pass by...
And the water
Is seeping into
The soil
The moons
Begin to vanish.

One by one
Each moon disappears

And now
I gaze at the same sky again
And still I see
A single moon up there.

But now,
Down below
Not a single moon exist...

Was I hallucinating?
Was it just my perception
Was it true, what I saw.

Few more
Walks in my room
A few more
Sips from
The coffee...
A few
Unfinishes lines
In my diary

And all that
I conclude

"What is, will always be"

Truth cannot be coloured
For long
It may be tainted
But not forever...

At last
What remains
Is just the truth
And everything else...
Has to vanish