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Suppose 6 monkeys take 6 minutes to eat 6 bananas.

1. How many minutes would it take 2 monkeys to eat 2 bananas?

2. How many monkeys would it take to eat 12 bananas in 12 minutes?

1. It would take 6 minutes for 2 monkeys to eat 2 bananas; and

2. it would take 6 monkeys 12 minutes to eat 12 bananas.

Food for thought:

What assumptions are made in arriving at the solution?

Does one assume that 6 monkeys take 1 minute to eat 1 banana and that all bananas are consumed at the same pace?

Or does one assume that 1 monkey takes 6 minutes to eat 1 banana and that all monkeys eat at the same pace?

Think it over! :?