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Good points ... I was shortlisting few candidates for my team and got more than 30 CVs .. I found that most of them made blunders in their CVs ..

Would like to share a few things ..

- As mentioned in the last point .. Email address could change employer's mind just after he thought of contacting you .. keep it formal ..

raj_malhotra , raj.malhotra , rmalhotra etc. will work excellent for you ,
but don't dare to enter a email address like , mastmaularaj , 388282 , cutiepie , rm_handsomeguy etc. etc...

- Keep it short and simple

Its your CV , its weight doesn't depend upon the number of characters you write .. don't write stories .. no-one is going to read these anyways .. interviewers read only first 1-2 lines .. as my boss once said "the people who writes the stories in resume, actually knows nothing when asked about the same during interview" .. So just write 1-2 lines and rock the interview when asked to explain them ..

If you still think that "lengthy CV gives you better chance to get selected , YOU ARE WRONG" ..

- Highlight your awards , achievements etc.

You can make it Bold , underlined etc .. but make sure, its not too excessive to make ur CV ugly

- Write about the job experience/knowledge you got .. Avoid writing too much about your personality, what capabilities god has graced you wid ..

I saw one CV with 3 pages .. 1 page contained academic results etc .. 2nd page contained extra curricular , awards etc , and job experience .. 3rd page was fully filled by what the person is .. "I am energetic , I am workaholic, I am blah blah ... " , well its interviewer's job to find this thing out during interview .. so keep it short ..

Other few things that I could say is communication skills and negotiation skills play an important role in interview process .. All the best ...

I know i m missing something else here...will add soon..
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